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Low Carbon Ferrochrome Furnace
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Smelting categories: no                     Production: noPower consumption: noDetailed description:1.Equipment structure form is tilting aircraft arc type, and tapping way is hydraulic tilting type. When Leaning back to the horizontal level, there are two lateral supports at the back of furnace arc frame to ensure that when the hydraulic system break down, furnace can always maintain horizontal level, and tilting accident cannot occur.2.Electrode lifting hydraulic proportional valve control automatic regulator, using the Siemens control system composed by programmable controller, and the operation is simple and reliable.3.Electrode lifting mechanism is using the form of cylinder driving, which is flexible, safe and reliable.4.Furnace tilting adopts the form of hydraulic transmission, and the integrated block type of hydraulic valve. Hydraulic station is equipped with two pillar pumps, and the one is used, the other one is a standby. Also, it is equipped with energy storage tank, with functions of protecting the pressure.5.Six water-cooling cables with big cross section ,conductive cross arm, flexible compensator, copper platoon, energy-saving short-net distributed in spatial triangle type. The impedance value of short-net is less than or equal to 0.5+ j 2.3mΩand non-balance degree of three phase impedance is less than or equal to 5%.6.The conductive cross arm is electrode arm made by a new kind of copper and steel composite board and the performance of high temperature resistant is good. Electrode chuck is forged by chromium copper and electrode clamping is using stainless steel belt. The clamping force is big, and it’s easy to adjust, with reliable work, which is not easy to happen arc phenomenon for a long service life.7.High side measurement meter (active, reactive power degree) of power consumption in electric furnace smelting, a overcurrent relay, and secondary overcurrent relay are all separately led to low voltage control center, and it is easy for measuring and monitoring. Secondary voltage indicator and voltmeter are installed either indoor or outdoor and it is easy for field monitoring.8.Cooling water system has monitoring and alarm of pressure and water temperature. All the parts of welding line through cooling water can avoid arc-light directly illuminate, with low in and high out type about cooling water.9.Using half closed hood, with one smoke exhaust exit to connect with dust removal system can have a good effect of dust removal. Feeding open is equipped with valve, which can control feeding amount.
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